Anderson Is The Go To Guy


The Trials and Tribulations of The Poorest Country in the Western Hemisphere!

The People in Haiti are  known to overcome a Chain of  Adversity due to the resiliency of their ego but they have never fully recovered from any of them, but on Tuesday January 12, 2010  their strength and courage has been tested I  questioned whether they would survive that catastrophe . On that faithful moment, I was taking the Vital Signs of a patient in room 238 Bed- A at New-York Presbyterian Hospital where I had worked; he was watching CNN. Suddenly– the Breaking News! I was swamped with sick/needy patients (as usual) I didn’t even realized there was a disaster in my homeland I focused my attention on the overhead paging. The patient then asked where I was from? I said Haiti-why? Without saying a word he just pointed his index finger at the TV; I turned around and thought I was in a bad dream when  heard a magnitude of 7.0 had struck Haiti. I am not familiar with the damaging affect of any earthquake but I know Haiti was already on Life Support and thus, any wrong move would pulled the plug:(

In a state of panic I ran out of the room leaving the Blood Pressure cuff attached to the patient’s forearm, I broke the news to another Haitian employee- she too freaked out.  When I regained my composure I went back to the patient to complete  his Vital Signs, he was still watching the news…I burst into tears  when I saw the video below :

My  brain was totally  hijacked -I couldn’t get in touch with my people-even though I had no immediate family members in Haiti , but I had friends , and also family friends.  I was saddened by the tragedy . I quickly contacted Red Cross and sent my contribution. I was not a big fan of CNN-I had no idea who Anderson Cooper was, and his name,and 360   didn’t ring any bell.  while I was watching the news on ABC, my niece came in my room and asked me to switch the channel to CNN so we could watch Anderson, I declined because I thought she said Jefferson, but even when she said  An- der- son. I said to her that every  media was reporting the same news,why should I switch to a different chanel?  She convinced me that Anderson is the best, that everyone loves him. I said he is a celebrity they ‘re always seemed to be  liked by people who don’t really like them. She spoke so highly of him I couldn’t wait to see what he looks like =) When I saw him standing next to a pile rubbish  in Haiti… my heart skipped a few beats;)

A Fearless Journalist

Anderson went places in Haiti that were too gruesome for even Haitians to visit, I was very concerned when I saw him walking  around dead bodies without any protective gear. The next video is one of the examples.

Anderson stole my heart the first time  I laid eyes on him behind the TV screen, I instantly become a huge fan of His when  I saw him picking up the injured boy and brought him to safety  . From that moment on I was determined to meet him and tell him how appreciative I am for the Humanitarian works he had done. I knew it was going to be a fundamental task but I was up for the challenge …

…When I found out that he came back from Haiti an in effort to  make contact with him  I sent several emails to CNN and I called numerous times-I even sent a video email to Oprah asking her to help me  thank  Anderson. ( I never had any convincing reason to  try to meet any celebrity- I’ve met quite a few when I did background works on movie sets; I always had the tendency to ignore their presence. But Cooper is different– he is not only a celebrity and a true human being… He Is The Go to Guy)! After repeated failed attempts I moved on- even though I had a though time accepting  the fact that the chance of meeting  him was slim to none. But that didn’t take away The Fact that I Love Him:):)